Social Networking for Career Success, by Miriam Salpeter
Get a Social Resume

Once you read Social Networking for Career Success, hopefully you’ll be ready to claim your “digital footprint” — your place online, so people can find you and so you can begin to attract opportunities. In the book, I suggest various ways to create your online presence, but the best approach for the savvy careerist or business owner is to own and to set up a social resume/personal website.

Who needs a social resume?

YOU do, if…

- You are a job seeker, independent contractor or small business owner.

- You just want some job search insurance.

- You want the right people to find you and to hire you!

An online presence — a social resume — can help you achieve your goals!

Our social resume package can help you:

- Get discovered by people who need you. Attract interest in you and what you offer.

- Remain high on your industry’s radar – even if you’re not looking for a job.

- Make it easier for people to find you through Google and other search engines.

- Expand your network of potential customers, employers, mentors and colleagues.

- Sharpen, communicate and reinforce your most important messages.

- Raise your profile and improve your value as a subject matter expert.

Best of all, you can achieve these results around the clock – whether you’re actively working at it or not. Contact me if you want to discuss working on a site for you or your business.