Social Networking for Career Success, by Miriam Salpeter
Social Networking for Career Success selected a “Best in Books” by Calgary Public Library

It’s so gratifying to hear from people who enjoy my book. Many have added reviews on Amazon, others tweet about the book, and some write about it on their blogs. It made my day yesterday to learn Social Networking for Career Success was designated a July “Best in Books” by the Calgary Public Library, via a review written by Samantha Schellenberg, Alberta Employment & Immigration Career Development Workshop Facilitator, Designer and Presenter and Director, ChoiceWorks Rehabilitation Solutions Ltd.

Please click through to read the full review. Here are some highlights from Samantha’s post:

“If you are looking for a user-friendly, systematic narrative on how to leverage online tools to grow your professional network, generate job search momentum, manage your online identity or craft your personal brand, then this book is well worth your time…Packed full of relevant sources for readers to explore in depth, this book also offers time saving tips gained from the practical experiences of the author…I consider this book a must-have, big-picture gem for those interested in capturing the best of what the online world has to offer.”

Posted on August 17, 2011 by Miriam Salpeter | Comment on this post
  1. Miriam, we have been actively promoting your book as it addresses many of the social networking questions we receive from customers at the Calgary Public Library. Keep up the great work!

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