Social Networking for Career Success, by Miriam Salpeter
Who should read Social Networking for Career Success?

This book is for anyone who cares about their career or business: new graduates, experienced professionals, and everyone in-between. It’s for career changers, people returning to work after retirement and those seeking an encore career (work offering continued income, personal meaning and social impact). It’s a resource for job seekers going back to paid work after taking time off, for small business owners and everyone else who wants to take charge of his or her own career.

Social Networking for Career Success is written as a how-to and a why-to, (to address the skeptics who don’t believe social media can help). It’s perfect for beginners, but is full of advice and tips even the most seasoned social media users may not know. Each chapter is rich in first-hand advice from over 100 experts (including recruiters and other career professionals) as well as success stories from job seekers and business owners.

Both job seekers and entrepreneurs need to do whatever they can to stand out in the crowd of similarly qualified candidates or contractors. Social networking, and my book, are for anyone looking for a job, those who may look for a job in the future and anyone considering starting or growing a business.

I hear Amazon is starting to ship copies! I hope you’ll consider ordering your copy today.

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